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NOW HIRING: Business Loan Closing Specialist

The Business Loan Closing Specialist prepares all loan closings and ensures that RCEDC is operating all loan programs within the required program regulations.

Some essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and monitor loan application files for completeness;
  • Enter prospective loan applicants into Ventures and Salesforce software;
  • Prepare savings calculations for potential loan applicants regarding benefits of using RCEDC’s loan programs;
  • Order credit reports and conduct other pre-processing tasks, including but not limited to the review of public records on loan applicants;
  • Spread financial statements;
  • Analyze financial statements and/or tax returns of borrowers, guarantors and principals;
  • Calculate repayment ability of loan applicants;
  • Analyze adequacy of collateral being pledged to secure the loan;
  • As requested, pull and review research reports; and
  • Occasional special projects may include analyzing market conditions with respect to the project being underwritten or other factors related to considering the credit request.
  • Attend meetings and field phone calls with prospective loan applicants with the Business Finance Manager, or in place of Business Finance Manager, as appropriate;
  • Review applicants for eligibility and structure financing proposals appropriately;
  • Attend follow up meetings with loan applicants to discuss concerns and collect outstanding documentation;
  • Analysis of financial statements and/or tax returns of borrowers, guarantors, affiliates and others as deemed appropriate for each application;
  • Conduct loan risk rating of each applicant which upon review of the financial statements provides an assessment of the level of potential of risk for that potential loan recipient;
  • Analysis of repayment ability;
  • Analysis of collateral adequacy; 
  • Review business plans, appraisals and environmental reports and provide results to the Business Finance Manager, Loan Committee, Executive Committee, SBA and/or others, as appropriate;
  • Conduct analysis and provide recommendations to other divisions of RCEDC on credit worthiness of companies as requested; and
  • Prepare and present written credit presentations with recommendations on credit worthiness of the applicant to the various Loan Advisory Committees, Board of Directors, Government bodies and/or SBA for each application.
  • Timely preparation and submission of accurate SBA 504 loan packages to SBA through its eTran system using Ventures, RCEDC’s Loan Management Software.
  • For SBA loans, prepare a no-adverse-change analysis as needed on loans before funding and provide a recommendation to Business Finance Manager and Loan Advisory Committee(s).  If approved, submit to SBA.
  • Attend conference calls (or meetings) with the BLP loan closer to review SBA Authorizations and/or Commitment Letters with approved loan recipients.
  • Maintain Loan Processing resources for the division, including but not limited to:
  • Smart Book:  Update the position’s user guide with up-to-date loan processing guidelines and checklists on loan processing tasks, including submission of applications to SBA.
  • Ventures:  Monitor updates to this loan processing software upon receipt and provide updates and training to BLP staff as appropriate.
  • Maintain the BLP database for projects and contacts specific to Loan Officer’s projects, loan portfolio information and applicant information in Salesforce and Ventures software by ensuring company, loan recipient and applicant information is entered into the system so that appropriate prospect, servicing and other needed reports can be generated.  
  • Responsible for maintaining relationship with current borrowers and lenders;
  • Responsible for networking and developing new relationships with lenders and other potential referral partners throughout Wisconsin; and
  • Assist Loan Closer with closing tasks related to their approved loans as assigned. 
  • Communicate with loan recipients, as appropriate, and monitor responses as needed for documentation needs;
  • Monitor loan recipients’ performance to ensure compliance of all loan covenants including performing onsite visits;
  • Monitor higher risk loans more frequently through public records checks and other actions;
  • Respond to requests for changes to the loan covenants or terms, notifying the loan recipient of what is needed to consider their request, then reviewing and analyzing that documentation and preparing a written presentation with a recommendation to either the Business Finance Manager or Loan Advisory Committee as deemed appropriate;
  • Provide general information to loan recipients as requested relative to servicing the loan portfolio; and
  • Loan payoffs, including obtaining payoff statements from the Portfolio Servicing Specialist;
  • Participating in other project assignments as directed by the RCEDC Executive Director and Business Finance Manager;
  • Attend RCEDC Leadership Council, Board of Directors, Loan Advisory Committee(s) and staff meetings;
  • Assist with creation of Business Lending Partners’ e-newsletters;
  • Connect borrowers and lenders to RCEDC’s marketing team for program promotion;
  • Coordinate meetings upon request;
  • Participate in outreach activities including but not limited to the activities detailed in the annual Work Plans; and
  • Keep up to date on current industry regulations.



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