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Larkman Construction

Larkman Construction

Operating inefficiently from three separate locations, Stacy Potter, owner of Larkman Construction, saw the opportunities of consolidating and relocating to one location in Racine County. Now, Potter and her husband and General Manager, Daniel, are thriving at their new Raymond location.

Increasing the services we provide also meant increasing the space we need to operate. Moving to Racine County allowed us to consolidate our operations and increase efficiency, while also leaving space for us to grow.

Stacy Potter

Owner, Larkman Construction

Larkman Construction is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1989 by Potter’s father, Ray Knapp. Larkman provides a variety of utility services, including directional boring, trenching, grading, concrete slab work, utility conduit, and manhole work. They are one of three companies in Wisconsin licensed for manhole work.

Larkman Construction purchased two adjacent sites in Raymond, located at 12000 Highway G and 1596 122nd Street. The two sites include ample warehouse and office space, which allows the company to grow as they continue to service Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Utilizing the Racine County Revolving Loan Fund, provided by services through Business Lending Partners and Commerce State Bank, Potter was able to obtain 90 percent of the funding purchases by reducing the equity required for the amount needed. Vice President of Commercial Lending for Commerce State Bank, Evan Gilmore now oversees the loan provided to Potter.

his was our first time working with Business Lending Partners and it was a pleasure working with them. Because of the services they provide and the reliability of the staff, we look forward to partnering with them on future deals.

Evan Gillmore

Vice President of Commercial Lending, Commerce State Bank

The financial assistance provided, along with the consolidation of locations, will help create six new jobs.

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Thomas Van Gent
Thomas Van Gent
Loan Officer
Thomas has been with BLP since 2015. Thomas conducts credit analysis and application processing for BLP. He also assists in maintaining the business loan portfolio.
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