SBA Green 504 Loan Program

Benefits of the SBA Green 504 loan program include:

  • As little as 10% equity injection

  • Up to $5.5 million SBA 2nd mortgage portion per project with no maximum total project limit

  • Ability to finance multiple SBA Green 504 projects

  • SBA 504 financing have competitive, fixed interest rates and 10- to 20- year amortization

  • The usual SBA’s job creation/retention requirements can be waived

  • Project-related fees and soft costs can be financed in the loan

Businesses need only to meet one of the following goals to qualify for the SBA Green 504 Loan:

1) Reduce energy use by at least 10% – Acquisition or construction of a replacement facility or retrofit of a currently owner-occupied or leased existing facility with energy saving technologies. Examples include improved insulation, lighting, HVAC systems, and energy efficient windows, etc.

2) Generate at least 10% renewable energy – Upgrades to plant, equipment and process that produce at least 10% renewable energy sources used to run a facility or renewable fuel producers, including bio-diesel and ethanol producers. Examples include installation of solar power, wind power, hydropower, biodiesel, ocean thermal, etc.

3) LEED* Certification (qualify for maximum $5 million per project): If historical energy consumption records for the property are not available, a project can qualify if it is built or retrofitted using LEED certification standards through the completion of upgrades. (Sustainable Design or LEED certification do not by themselves qualify a building for the program)

*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

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SBA 504

January 2019

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