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RACINE -- Brent Ekman is an ASE Certified Master Technician with 30 years of automotive experience. Ekman has overseen the day-to-day operations at D’Acquisto Motors as an employee for the last eight years. Now, he is ready to start a new journey as the owner of what is to become Ekman Automotive, LLC.

"Working with the folks at BLP and Town Bank was critical to opening Ekman Automotive. The automotive industry has always been a passion of mine and to start my own business is really something special. Racine County is a perfect location, and I could not make this dream a reality without the help of BLP and the City Revolving loan Fund."

Brent Ekman
Owner, Ekman Automotive LLC

Located at 1202 Lathrop Avenue, D’Acquisto Motors served as a used car dealership for over 20 years. With planned infrastructure changes for that corner, the location will no longer be desirable for a car dealership. Ekman will transform the location to be a dedicated automotive repair center, continuing to service his existing customers and welcoming new business.

The transition of property ownership would not have been possible without a strong partnership between BLP and City of Racine’s Revolving Loan Fund (City RLF), as well as assistance from Wintrust Commercial Banking at Town Bank.

"Karmin, Carolyn and all of the staff at RCEDC/BLP are wonderful to work with. They genuinely care about seeing businesses in Racine succeed and it shows at every step of the process."

Frank Sterbin, Senior Vice President of Business Banking
Wintrust Commercial Banking at Town Bank

This partnership is a prime example of how Racine County, local business development, and financial assistance, can work together to generate positive opportunity.

"I take a sense of pride when the City is able to work with great partners like RCEDC and Town Bank to help an entrepreneur start a business or move their business to the next level. We wish Ekman Automotive success."

Mayor Cory Mason
City of Racine


SBA 504

May 2019

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