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Successful entrepreneurs, Chris and Julie Becker, have purchased the historic building at 1509 Rapids Dr. The three-story building was built in 1955 and sits on 6.78 acres at 322,000 sq.ft. The building will support the Becker’s growing business; was established in 2007 by the Becker’s with the purpose of selling wholesale premium pellets used in cooking and smoking foods on pellet driven grills. Their humble beginnings started off as an online-store and now has expanded worldwide with over 300 dealers in the US, Canada, Europe plus Amazon. With a partnership with, is the bestselling and highest rated pellet brand on Amazon for four years. The purchase of their property will be able to support their growth and the launch of new product lines.

The Becker power couple owns and operates three businesses that are housed in their current location. With the growth of, the newly purchase Rapids Business Center allows the Beckers to house and promote space for other businesses. The site has now been rebranded “The Center” (  To support the global business that is, the Becker’s expansion will create three jobs over the next two years and improve the occupancy of a partially vacant City of Racine building.

BLP has partnered with Johnson Bank to attractive financing for 90% of the building purchase. The loan services provided by BLP assisted with the development of this business expansion, allowing to attain enough capacity to accommodate its growth. In addition to loan for the building purchase, the Beckers also received a Seed Capital Grant for its innovative product development.  The Seed Capital program was capitalized by the Wisconsin Economid Development Corporation and City of Racine to assist emerging businesses in the City of Racine.  The Company further received a Racine County Matching Grant to further support the business’s marketing initiatives.  


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February 2019

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