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MGP Application - BLP - Business Lending Partners
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Matching Grant Program Form

Thank you for your investment in Racine County. Your business is important to Racine County and I want to personally thank you for it. Every year, since 2004 the Racine County Board of Supervisors has expressed their commitment to growing Racine County businesses by capitalizing this matching grant program. Thank you for your commitment to grow the economy of Racine County.

Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive


Tell Us about your business

    Business Eligibility







    RCEDCGateway Technical CollegeRAMACWWBICSBDCIndependent ConsultantConsidering the RCEDC CEO Round TableConsidering the RCEDC/RAMAC Living as a Leader Program

    Racial or Ethnic MinorityWomanVeteranOther






    Note: If the applicant business or any of its affiliate businesses have previously received grant funds, they only qualify for a cumulative amount of $15,000 after which applicants no longer qualify to receive grants.

    Business Information

    Uses of Funds

    Grant Signature

    In signing this application on behalf of the requesting business, I hereby certify:

    1. That all information is complete and correct;

    2. That the business is a Racine County for-profit company;

    3. That the business is an existing business, has a physical location that is not home-based and has been open (since date of first revenue) for a minimum of 30 days;

    4. That the business has less than 200 employees at its Racine County location;

    5. That the business has less than $25 million in gross annual US sales;

    6. That the business is working with one of the following organizations: RCEDC, Gateway Technical College, RAMAC, WWBIC, SBDC or an independent consultant as described on the first page of this application document which can include the RCEDC CEO Roundtable program, the RCEDC/RAMAC Living as a Leader program or the RCEDC Coaching Council program;

    7. That the business and owners are current with Racine County Real Estate Taxes and have no derogatory findings with Wisconsin Circuit Court Access or the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions;

    8. That the business certifies that they have no outstanding fines, penalties, taxes, or delinquent financial obligations whatsoever with the County of Racine, Wisconsin, agency, entity or any other local unit of government;

    9. That the business agrees, one year after the grant is provide, to provide an email or a memorandum, on company letter head, the number of jobs at the time of the grant application and the number of jobs one year after the grant was received and outlining the impact of the grant program on the business;

    10. That the business and/or its affiliates have not received the maximum cumulative amount of grant funds of $15,000;

    11. That the information provided may be subject to open records under Wisconsin law, although not all information in them may be subject to disclosure. I recognize that, with respect to any funds granted, the following information, at a minimum, will be treated as subject to disclosure to a person making a request under Wisconsin public records law: the amount of the grant, name and address of party to whom the grant was granted, the purpose of the grant, and names of any other parties involved in the grant;

    12. That all grants are approved based on the RCEDC Loan Committee discretion