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Jeanne and Max Zuleta, Art Below Zero

Art Below Zero

FRANKSVILLE, WI — With a little help from the Business Lending Partners (BLP) and a low rate, long term loan, Racine County is now home to one of the ‘coolest’ businesses in the state.
Owned by entrepreneurial couple Jeanne and Max Zuleta, Art Below Zero was established in 1998. Prior to the start of this venture, Max, a Venezuelan Master Ice Sculptor, previously owned Esculturas en Hielo in Venezuela before moving to the United States.
Max serves as the designer, innovator, and studio director of the business, while Jeanne, a U.S. Navy Veteran, is the financial and sales force behind the operation, along with being the co-creator in design technique and systems.
Max and Jeanne relocated from Illinois to Wisconsin in 2012 to a property in Yorkville located off the I-94 frontage road at 2638 N. Sylvania Avenue. The property is mixed use and included the owner’s residence as well as the smaller building they were once operating out of.

Our location allows us to utilize the Milwaukee / Chicago corridor. The new building with a new sign will reach new clients with our bag ice & cocktail ice, in addition to the ice sculptures for celebrations.

Max Zuleta

Owner, Art Below Zero

While custom ice sculpting is one their main services, they also offer on-site ice block carving, ice designs, ice sculpting demonstrations and ice spheres. Ice spheres, one of their newest and most promising products, have become popular in ‘high end’ restaurants and cocktail lounges.
Operating within the limited capacity of their previous 2,400 sf facility, Max and Jeanne found themselves turning down customers time and time again. In 2018, they completed a brand new 5,400 sf facility with financial assistance from BLP. With the new facility fully built, they not only met and increased their service capacity, but also launched a brand-new attraction called The Ice Xperience.

We initially looked into the bank we have been working with for over a decade, have many personal and business accounts with this bank. They were very quick to deny our request. Community State Bank introduced us to RCEDC/BLP within days of our initial encounter and the process of working together began immediately.

Max Zuleta

Owner, Art Below Zero

BLP partnered with Community State Bank to help with provide a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan, allowing Max and Jeanna to expand operations, and eventually create three additional jobs. The low-interest, fixed rate loan services provided by BLP created the opportunity Max and Jeanna needed to continue to pursue their dreams.
The artistry created by Max and Jeanne is as fascinating and unique as the opportunities an affordable loan can provide. BLP is proud to support such a creative business and looks forward to the success of Art Below Zero.

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